Making Music Matters

Mission Statement

Music Share is a non-profit society dedicated to providing and advocating music education and music therapy in our community through music outreach programs. 

We provide music outreach programs to children and their families who have limited access to such services.  We believe that music education should be readily available to all children in our community.  Involvement in music provides children with skills that will benefit them now and for a lifetime.   

Through music making, children learn to think creatively and build confidence through overcoming challenges such as performing for an audience.  Children also learn valuable social and communication skills through ensemble experiences.  Research has shown us that students involved in music have higher success rates in school due in part to the cognitive benefits of music learning.  

One of our future music outreach initiatives is to offer music therapy services to children, youth, adults, and the elderly who may benefit physically, emotionally, socially, mentally, or intellectually from this form of therapy.   Music therapy can be beneficial to those with a range of health conditions. 

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