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Music has been an important part of our lives from an early age.  We both started out with standard piano lessons.  I guess we should be truthful and say that for Dustin it started out as organ lessons, though he doesn't like to admit this!  We grew up with great encouragement from our families to make and enjoy music. It was these first musical experiences that led to a lifelong passion for learning and sharing music. 

Our childhood music studies, led us to high school bands and afterschool choirs, and ultimately to university.  From these experiences we learned not only how to play an instrument, but how to work hard, meet goals, and overcome challenges! Music became a strong part of our identity.  It also became a creative outlet, an emotional channel, and a way for us to connect with others. It was our destiny to forever have music in our lives and to share this love with others.

We have been active music instructors for over 15 years and have seen the profound effects that music has on children and youth.  There are both challenging and triumphant moments as children navigate the roads of musical learning. Once they find their connection to music they thrive and grow, and have that ability and enjoyment for life. 

Everyday we see how children benefit from music learning.  It enhances their emotional, intellectual, social and physical well-being, creating healthly, well-rounded individuals.  As musical learning is such an integral and important part of early learning, it should be readily accessible to all children.  It was this recurring thought that led us to the creation of Music Share. 

We are very excited about the possibilities that lie ahead as we move forward with this new endeavour.  It is a cause near and dear to us, and will always be a life-long passion.  We hope that with your support, all children will have the opportunity to start their own musical journey.


Dustin and Kera Doherty
Founders & Directors

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