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Music Together Preschool Outreach at Morley Elementary and Burnaby South Secondary

Music is filling the classrooms in two South Burnaby schools.  In January of 2012, we started running weekly Music Together Preschool classes at the Morley Elementary preschool and the the Burnaby South Secondary Young Parents Program childcare center.  Both childcare programs are operated by Burnaby Family Life

Each week we share songs, movement, and instrument play activities with the children and the childcare staff following the Music Together Preschool curriculum.  We are also extending the experience to the children's families as all children have received take home materials.  We are happy to hear that younger siblings and parents are enjoying the songs, too!   

I have also noticed that the childcare staff are singing the songs with confidence.  I think they're hooked too!  The staff have been playing the recordings and sharing the songs through the week, long after music class has ended. 

The continuous exposure that the children are having to the music is creating growth.  I am observing that their interest in the songs is increasing every week and in turn their overall participation.  It's been a true joy seeing their enjoyment and witnessing how the experience is changing for them from week to week. 

Integrated Rock Band Project

We were very excited to be involved in a local music therapy initiative.  Along with The Canada Music Therapy Trust Fund, The Music Therapy Ride and MTABC we were able to sponsor the Integrated Rock Band Project lead by MTC Studio Inc.  From April - June of 2013 the group learned and rehearsed a set of 5 songs.  In late June the band started to record and sequence the demos for the week of recording.  One of the five recordings is posted below and is a great display of the efforts and hard work of these young musicians.  Together they formed a strong team who worked hard to reach this end goal.  We are very grateful to Don Hardy who initiated and led the project, guest clinicians Ron Thompson and Mitch Lazer and recording engineer Erik Olson who made this project a success!

We Support Music Therapy at BC Children's Hospital

With the generosity of families and friends in our community we were able to raise $1500.00 at our February 2014 Fundraiser for the Music Therapy program at BC Children's Hospital.  This invaluable program is funded entirely by donations. Their team of accredited music therapists use music to improve the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health of the children they are working with.  Music is an incredibly powerful tool! Singing, listening activities, instrument exploration, songwriting, and other musical activities are used to promote self-expression, relaxation, pain management, and healthy development.

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