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We provide music education to children and their families who have limited access to such services. Our hope is that music programs can be more accessible to families in our community.  Involvement in music provides children with skills that will benefit them now and for a lifetime.   

Through music making, children learn to think creatively and build confidence through overcoming challenges such as performing for an audience.  Children also learn valuable social and communication skills through ensemble experiences.  Research has shown us that students involved in music have higher success rates in school due in part to the cognitive benefits of music learning.  

By contributing to the growth and achievement of children through music outreach programs, we hope to help create strong individuals that will thrive and one day contribute to their own communities.  The benefits of music education and performance are far reaching, as music connects and inspires everyone that is involved - students, parents, musicians, educators, volunteers, and donors.

By sustaining music education for our children and youth we hope that music remains a vital part of our communities.

Here's additional information regarding the benefits of music education.

With your support, we can provide music outreach programs to …..

  • at-risk children and their families
  • low income families
  • teen parents and their young children
  • children with special needs
  • children who have no access or limited access to preschool, elementary or high school music programs

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